6 Month Update

This month Leon turn 1/2 a year old! The night before his 6 month appointment he got a fever. Despite doing everything I could to prevent bringing home any germs from work, my baby has the flu :(. This flu and cold season this year is just horrendous! Luckily, his fevers are low grade. He’s irritable and waking himself up with congestion but I know this could’ve been a lot worse. He’s weighing 16 lbs 10 oz  and steady on his growth curve.


We started solids around 5.5 months and Leon is loving it! We are doing mostly purees. It just seems to work more efficiently during the week to have pureed food prepped and ready for the grandparents. I did a lot of research on “baby led weening” and we try to do that on the weekends. So far we’ve tried rice cereal, avocado, banana, peas, apple, pear, sweet potato, squash. He never turns away from trying new food and is the happiest with a full belly! He is also drinking around 4-5 bottles a day and mostly formula. I have reached my goal of breastfeeding/pumping for 6 months. Despite a very low supply over the last month (he is getting only 1 bottle of breast milk every 2 days) I am trying to push through till the end of this horrible flu/cold season. His dirty diapers have definitely changed to daily or every other day since starting solids! I am making all his baby food on my own and may do a post on this soon!

Bedtime & Sleeping

Leon is sleeping 10-12 hours at night since 3 months old. These last few days have been a drawback in sleep because of him not feeling well but I’m hoping he goes back to regular routine soon. He also loves to sleep on his belly now, which freaked me out in the beginning! He continues to be a bad napper and naps around 30-45 minutes. If he gets a good one in which is rare it can be up to 2 hours. He never wants to miss anything! For nap time and bed time we are trying a bit of the cry it out method (please no judgements here!). I can say it’s working and he is learning to calm himself down in under 10 minutes and fall asleep. His witching hour is around 6-7 PM. He wakes up anywhere around 4-5:30 am… still working on this! He seems to go down better when I put him to bed versus his dad. He’s definitely more calm with his momma.


Leon is babbling, smiling, and giggling like no one’s business. He especially smiles and laughs when he sees his dad! He rolls better from back to belly. Although he’s rolled from belly to back he doesn’t do this well and often gets stuck and frustrated. His pediatrician said that this was okay. He isn’t sitting up on his own completely but is slowly learning to balance. He continues to grab his toys and play wonderfully!

Traveling with baby

We haven’t been on an airplane with him yet. More so because of cost and still recovering from maternity leave. We have been on multiple road trips around Florida. Leon does well in the car rides now. In fact, he loves to go out! He’s able to adapt to where ever we stay over night. Packing on the other hand has been a whole new experience and it takes twice as long to get out of the door with a baby. We have a few trips planned this year!

Work balance

It’s been a total of 3 months back to work and feels like I never left. It has become easier to leave for work as time has passed. Naturally, I miss him everyday. I FaceTime my mom during the day to see how he’s doing. So grateful that she’s able to watch him during the work week! The weekends are always busy for us. This might be the first weekend we have nothing planned. I am learning to say no to things so I have some family and me time.


My emotions are better and I feel less stressed about things like timing feedings, tracking diapers and sleep. I used to want to keep him on a strict schedule but have quickly learned going with the flow a bit makes me a happier mother. I am not back to my pre-baby weight but I am actually happy with the weight I am now. I have started light exercise again and doing T25 works outs at home! I am still learning to embrace my body fully and the changes that come with having a baby. Clothes certainly don’t fit like they used to but have noticed my style is changing too!

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