A New Focus For 2018

2017 was the year of preparing & then adjusting to life as a new Mom. Now I have an almost 6 month old and am already amazed at how fast my son has grown. He makes it known when he’s bored, he never turns down food or a bottle, loves to babble and have conversations, loves to laugh & giggle. When they say motherhood is the biggest identity shift you’ll ever have, they weren’t kidding. HA! I thought that balance was hard pre-baby, being a new mother is even more challenging. I think Leon started smiling at 3 days old and seeing him smile everyday completely made everything worth it.

For 2018, my priority is my family. I’ve come to realize that means decluttering whether that means people, emotions, material things. I’ve also found in these short months that I’m the best mother and wife if I make myself my priority.

If you want to talk specific New Years Resolutions my main ones are to 1. Find more work life balance. 2. Spend money on experiences for my family not things! Maybe this will be a new focus for my blog as well :).

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