Baby Bump Update: 36 weeks

I’m at the point of counting down weeks till our little one arrives! It’s hard to believe that in 4 short weeks we could be taking him home. I am in full nesting mode cleaning the house and preparing his nursery. Not too nervous yet about labor and delivery (though I’m sure that will come) but more so the challenges of breast feeding and adjusting to this new addition to our family. I cannot wait to start this journey of motherhood!

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Swollen feet. I am hanging in there and working as long as I until my due date. Unfortunelty, this means I’m on my feet 24/7 and can’t avoid the swelling in my feet. It is worse on my right too!
  • Fatigue. Some days I have full energy and others I can lay down all day. I’m still listening to my body and resting when needed.
  • Stretch marks! I got my first one in the last 2 weeks on my lower abdomen. I’m using vitamin E, shea butter, and coconut oil everyday.
  • HOT. They weren’t joking about being pregnant in the summer, let alone in Florida! I am usually cold but being pregnant has me sweating even in the AC.
  • Migraines. They are back! I did so well in the 2nd trimester and now I am getting them every other day. It’s torture that I am so limited in what I can take to treat them.

I’ll be working hard to get his nursery prepared and start packing for the hospital in the next few weeks! So many emotions all at once. Excited to meet our little boy soon <3


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