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Loving Lately | Post-Partum Edition

She's Charmed

My Loving Lately series is back! I haven’t been wearing much these last few weeks during my maternity leave. Not only is time limited but I am trying to soak up all the baby snuggles I can get! These few products have been keeping this new momma refreshed.

  • IT Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream. Eye creams are a hard product to love. There isn’t much out there that are effective for depuffing the delicate skin around the eyes. This eye cream has been one I have actually liked in a very long time. It claims to have “drop of light technology” and ingredients like ceramides, chrysin, licorice root, avocado, squalane that work to hydrate, smooth wrinkles and dark circles. I do notice it has made my under eyes brighter and moisturized. I can’t speak on the long term anti aging properties or decreasing puffiness.
  • Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray. I wish I had brought this with me to the hospital. The aloe and rosewater helps keep me feeling refreshed and clean. Best believe that’s an amazing feeling after diaper changes and baby spit up. I spray my body as well as my face.
  • L’Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara. I am taking a break from lash extensions and ran into this new mascara. I am usually loyal to my L’Oreal Voluminous but gave into the hype. This one gives a lot volume and length and I love the wand. A little concealer and this makes me feel a little bit more awake.
  • La Roche-Posay Sunscreen. My favorite light weight sunscreen for the face. Just a layer of this before my walks with my little one. Seriously lightweight and the formula is not sticky. Good news is you can find this any drug store.
  • Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 4 in 1 Setting Mist. This setting spray is suppose to be a primer, setting spray, hydrating, and skin refresher. I think it does the hydrating and refreshing well and not so much the priming.

Pregnancy Skin Care Routine + Favorites 

I hit 24 weeks this week and so grateful my pregnancy has been pretty smooth! The nausea has gone away and I am certainly eating for two! Nonetheless, I am enjoying the changes my body is going through. It brings me so much joy to feel baby boy move. It’s a constant reminder to me that my life is going to change. That we’re about to start this new life chapter. When I am having a bad day his little kicks and movements comfort me that everything will be okay.

My body is changing and so is my skin. My skin type is normally oily/combination, but pregnancy has made my skin more on the dry side. I’ve had to find new products to keep my skin more hydrated. Here are some of the products I have been reaching for and a few pregnancy favorites!

  • Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser. I am enjoying this cleanser as it uses French and Moroccan clay to remove makeup and oil. It’s gentle on my skin and the calming oils and vitamin C make my skin brighter.
  • Derma-e Overnight Peel. I had to ditch my retinol cream (a no no during pregnancy) and be consistent with something that would keep my skin smooth and clear. This overnight peel with alpha-hydroxy acids helps exfoliate my skin overnight and remove dead skin cells.
  • Caudalie Micellar Cleanser Water. Love using this to remove makeup. It’s oil free so I am able to use around my lash extensions. It’s effective, gentle, and does not dry out my skin.
  • Embryolisse Lait-Creme Moisturizer. This is my holy grail moisturizer and I continue to use it because it really is that good. It the perfect consistency and keep me moisturized without being oily.
  • Shea Moisture Mommy Stretch Mark Body Butter. My favorite belly butter! No matter what the product claims… you cannot prevent stretch marks by using topical lotions. But I love the natural ingredients in this product to keep my growing belly moisturized. The scent does not seem to bother me either.
  • Belly Band by Ingrid & Isabel. This belly band has been a life saver! I have been able to wear most of my regular pants open with the belly band holding it place. You can wear it throughout your pregnancy.

Hope you all enjoy my recent favorites. I really love doing these! Share below your must have products!

How I Sped Up My Beauty Routine

How I Sped Up My Beauty Routine

I mastered my everyday look over the years. I’ve learned to embrace the natural face! I still love going full glam on the weekends, but not putting on a full face of makeup means more time. That means more sleep. More time also means more time to make myself a quick breakfast. Especially important for growing baby! Here is how I’ve managed to speed up my get ready routine.

  • Your holy grail (HG) products are your best friend. Know which products work best for you. The products that you know match your skin tone and last all day. Avoid testing out new products. The last thing you will want is a bad reaction or an orange face from oxidized foundation!
  • Put your most use products in one area of your vanity. Designate your everyday products in one place that is easily accessible. Your everyday brushes and products in arms reach prevents you from shuffling and searching for your favorite eyeliner.
  • Products with wands and pumps make it easy. It makes for easier application and you won’t have  to reach for multiple brushes. Foundations especially with a pump make it easy for me to apply with clean fingers and blend with a stippling brush. Products with wands make it easy to apply directly to skin.
  • Less is more. Skip the eyeshadow. There are certain steps I can skip in the morning. I don’t always have to have eyeliner or eyeshadow. Ladies, you do not always have to contour your face or “bake” everyday. Do what accentuates your natural face and conceal any trouble spots.
  • Easy to apply lipsticks. I love the chubby stick lipsticks and the traditional tube lipsticks for everyday. They are easy to control and you often don’t need lipliner. Liquid lipsticks are my all time favorite, but they usually are not the easiest to apply when you are in a hurry.
  • LASH EXTENSIONS. Yes, I am obsessed with lash extensions!  And completely justify maintaining them because it saves me so much time getting ready. I don’t need to apply mascara to my top lashes or eyeliner.
  • Take care of your skin. Last but not least, take care of your skin. The more you take care of your skin, the less you have to cover up!

I cut my time down to 10 minutes for makeup in the morning. I still feel put together AND well-rested. Leave your comments on how you speed up your beauty routine!

Loving Lately: May 2016

  1. Sunday Riley. Just take my money! I knew this skincare line would steal my heart. The Luna night oil has trans-retinoic acid ester, a innovative type of retinol that does not cause the dryness that a prescription retinol cream may cause. The Good Genes lactic acid treatment works as an exfoliant and promotes brighter skin. Find it here: 1
  2. Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Dusty Rose. I love the formula of Anastasia’s liquid lipsticks. I’ve had my eye on Dusty Rose since my wedding last September, and finally got my hands on it! It’s the perfect everyday, every occasion lip color. Find it here: 1 / 2
  3. Urban Decay Naked Concealer. Why did I wait so long to try this?! Amazing concealer as it’s lightweight, full coverage, and easy to apply. I bought the travel size to try and will be repurchasing the full size. Find it here: 1 / 2
  4. Beauty spatula. I picked this little guy up from The Container Store. It functions to scoop out the remaining products out of your beauty products. It’s also great for scooping out product without having to use your hands and prevent introduction of germs.
  5. Quay ‘Muse’ Sunglasses. Apparently, I have a thing for rose gold sunnies! I had my eyes on these for a while and got them as they came back in stock recently. This was my first time buying Quay and I am impressed with the quality.


For practical beauty enthusiasts: How to save money buying makeup

If you’re as much of a beauty lover as I am, then you know that struggle that goes on in your mind when you go makeup shopping. I will be the first to say if your lipstick collection makes you happy, then go on girl and buy yourself that new lipstick! Here are just some tips I try to follow before I spend my entire paycheck at Sephora.

1. Ask yourself do you REALLY need this? Do you need an extra foundation? Do you have something like this in your collection already? Questions like these will help you decide need vs want.

2. Shop your collection. Stuff can accumulate in the back of your drawers. Going through your collection you might just find something you haven’t used in a while.

3. Look for more affordable dups. There are some drugstore options that work just as well as the high-end brands. This can especially be helpful if you’re unsure if a shade of lipstick, for example, will look good on you. Try a cheaper option before committing to that high-end brand!

4. Spend more on things that you will use everyday. Save those dollars for things you will reach for daily. Getting good use of your makeup products will make it a good investment.

5. Don’t buy into the hype. When a new product comes out, there is a period of time where everyone seems to be raving about. New doesn’t always mean better! Wait it out until the product gets tested and reviewed. Which leads me to my next one…

6. Look at reviews before purchasing. Check reviews always! Read about what others are saying then decide if it’s worth it to you to purchase.

7. Coupon codes & discount sites. Check for codes online or wait for sales. Sephora for example has bi-yearly discounts. Also, sites like or have daily discounts.

8. Budget. Know how much you are spending each month. That’s after all the responsible adult thing to do right?


Loving Lately: April 2016


  1. Espresso at home thanks to my Nespresso machine.
  2. Kindle Paperwhite. This has re-kindled (;) pun intended) my love for reading. Now that I don’t have to devote my extra time to reading textbooks, I’ve started to read again for leisure. Reading has become a mini-escape and gives my mind a break from the real world as of lately. My iPad was too distracting for me to use as an e-reader. The interface of the Paperwhite  resembles actual books and is much more appealing.
  3. Bauble Earrings. I bought these from a boutique called Francesca’s and have been wearing them constantly for work.
  4. Rose tinted sunglasses. Also from Francesca’s and affordable too!
  5. Podcasts. Such a pleasure to fill my ears with talks I can both learn from and be entertained by. Currently, I am loving NPR’s Embedded series.
  6. Laneige Skin Care. I love the Multi-Cleanser which has a bit of grit for exfoliation and the Water Bank Serum for my skin to absorb moisture at night. This line is now sold in Target stores!

Do you have any book recommendations and/or favorite Podcasts?


Falling in love with Buxom lip gloss

Thank you Buxom, for making me fall in love with lip gloss again. I tend to go for the long-lasting liquid lipsticks that have blown up in the beauty world lately. As a gal on the go, I’m not much for having to reapply and touch up. I stumbled upon Buxom’s Full-On Lip Polish in shade “Dolly” and it is slowly becoming my holy grail lip gloss.

This sheer gloss has a slight berry tint and the tingle sensation that Buxom is known for. It’s perfect for days you’re on the go or for a more natural makeup look.

Buxom lip gloss

Swatch of Buxom lip gloss in “Dolly”.

Where to get this product: 1 / 2 /  Retails for $20