For practical beauty enthusiasts: How to save money buying makeup

If you’re as much of a beauty lover as I am, then you know that struggle that goes on in your mind when you go makeup shopping. I will be the first to say if your lipstick collection makes you happy, then go on girl and buy yourself that new lipstick! Here are just some tips I try to follow before I spend my entire paycheck at Sephora.

1. Ask yourself do you REALLY need this? Do you need an extra foundation? Do you have something like this in your collection already? Questions like these will help you decide need vs want.

2. Shop your collection. Stuff can accumulate in the back of your drawers. Going through your collection you might just find something you haven’t used in a while.

3. Look for more affordable dups. There are some drugstore options that work just as well as the high-end brands. This can especially be helpful if you’re unsure if a shade of lipstick, for example, will look good on you. Try a cheaper option before committing to that high-end brand!

4. Spend more on things that you will use everyday. Save those dollars for things you will reach for daily. Getting good use of your makeup products will make it a good investment.

5. Don’t buy into the hype. When a new product comes out, there is a period of time where everyone seems to be raving about. New doesn’t always mean better! Wait it out until the product gets tested and reviewed. Which leads me to my next one…

6. Look at reviews before purchasing. Check reviews always! Read about what others are saying then decide if it’s worth it to you to purchase.

7. Coupon codes & discount sites. Check for codes online or wait for sales. Sephora for example has bi-yearly discounts. Also, sites like or have daily discounts.

8. Budget. Know how much you are spending each month. That’s after all the responsible adult thing to do right?


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