Japan Travel Diary: Osaka Part II

We kept a relaxed itinerary during our vacation in Japan. Due to rain we postponed a day trip to Kyoto and decided to explore the local Osaka. Not only is the transportation intricate, Japan’s train stations are too. They are often made up of 7-8 story shopping centers and restaurants. I can imagine getting off of work after a long day, getting off the train, and eating a good Japanese dinner. Maybe a bowel of ramen, tonkatsu, or Japanese curry, there are too many options!

Osaka Station
Osaka Station

We window shopped and walked around Osaka Station. I went a little matcha green tea crazy. Every chance I got I wanted to try green tea everything. We found a dessert shop called Nana’s Green Tea and had to try their parfait dessert!

Nana's green tea

Nana's Green Tea

Umeda Sky Building

For a 360 view of Osaka we visited the Umeda Sky Building. It looks like a space shuttle can launch from here. There is an outdoor observatory 170 meters high.

Umeda Sky Building Umeda Sky Building

Okonomiyaki @ Kiji

Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake made of batter, cabbage, tempura bits, different types of meat and topped with sauce, mayo, seaweed, or bonito flakes. After the sky building, next door was a popular spot called Kiji. There is no english menu so a little help form the host to order may be needed. We sat next to the grill and our Okonomiyaki was made right in front of us!


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