Japan Travel Diary: Our First Meal in Japan

I took a much needed hiatus from life and blogging. Roger & I just returned form our 2 week trip exploring Japan, one of THE best vacations we have had. I am starting this Japan Travel Diary series to share our highlights!

We landed in Narita airport and took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo (Shinjuku). We planned a travel rest day before traveling to Osaka where we stayed for the first week.


We were so tired from our flight we fell asleep and woke up around 3AM, hungry. We found a popular ramen spot called Ichiran open 24 hours (thank goodness!) for our first meal in Japan.

Ichiran Ramen - Shibuya Japan

Most ramen restaurants have a vending machine upon entering.  You input cash and choose your order. We both ordered tonkatsu ramen, their specialty. Ichiran Ramen is known for their isolation booths during your meal as a way to heighten your food experience. We chose our level of spice and firmness of noodles. Our meal came out behind a curtain ready for us to indulge!

Our itinerary in a nutshell: (I will post a more elaborate itinerary for our trip soon)

  • Week 1: Osaka, Kyoto, Nara
  • Week 2: Tokyo


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