Motivation Monday: Learning To Slow Down

Emma Bleker
My constant struggle is learning how to slow down, breathe, relax. I often over work myself and forget to appreciate the rewards that come from it. While I acknowledge my ambition, it is also my downfall. My anxiety feeds off it and I often forget to be grateful for my success and accomplishments.

Last year was the busiest year of my life thus far; planning my wedding, graduating from PA school, and starting my career. It was series of consecutive life changing events for me. Stressful yes, but it was also the year God showed some of his greatest plans for me.

On the other hand, this year has really been a test of patience. I got used to the fast pace of 2015. My goal for this year is to buy a home. Let me tell you it hasn’t been the easiest for Roger and I.  Constant heartbreak over homes we love and put offers on. I am impatient and the home buying process is not all glitz and glam.

Here are some daily reminders to help myself learn how to slow down:

  1. Be grateful everyday. 
  2. Enjoy the present moment.
  3. Do not let anxious thoughts get the best of you.



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