Loving Lately: April 2016


  1. Espresso at home thanks to my Nespresso machine.
  2. Kindle Paperwhite. This has re-kindled (;) pun intended) my love for reading. Now that I don’t have to devote my extra time to reading textbooks, I’ve started to read again for leisure. Reading has become a mini-escape and gives my mind a break from the real world as of lately. My iPad was too distracting for me to use as an e-reader. The interface of the Paperwhite  resembles actual books and is much more appealing.
  3. Bauble Earrings. I bought these from a boutique called Francesca’s and have been wearing them constantly for work.
  4. Rose tinted sunglasses. Also from Francesca’s and affordable too!
  5. Podcasts. Such a pleasure to fill my ears with talks I can both learn from and be entertained by. Currently, I am loving NPR’s Embedded series.
  6. Laneige Skin Care. I love the Multi-Cleanser which has a bit of grit for exfoliation and the Water Bank Serum for my skin to absorb moisture at night. This line is now sold in Target stores!

Do you have any book recommendations and/or favorite Podcasts?


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