Motivation Monday: The Graceful Exit

the graceful exit

-Ellen Goodman, American journalist and columnist

This concept of the graceful exit really resonates with me because it’s something I wish my younger self could have realized sooner. It can mean you are starting a new chapter in your life; starting college or a new career. Taking on a new opportunity will always be bittersweet. You are leaving something familiar and suddenly facing something more challenging.

This can also be said for friendships. I had to learn to leave toxic relationships without feeling guilty. If a relationship begins to have more of a negative impact on your life, on your self-esteem then you have to right to cut those ties.

Regardless of your experience, good or bad, the graceful exit means carrying those lessons you’ve learned and move on confidently.

The majority of the time I share my life via photos. My goal for Motivational Monday is to get more personal and share my thoughts in writing. I hope to share the things that inspire me, so they inspire you too!


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