Post-Irma thoughts, 2nd wedding anniversary, and living a flavorful marriage.

A little life update here as life has been a bit hectic and is just now calming down.

Living in Florida we are well versed in hurricanes. Irma scared me. Those few days before were a big adrenaline rush. Do we stay and bunker down in our house or leave the state with baby Leon in tow? Ultimately, we decided to stay with family in a higher evacuation zone.

As I was packing, I thought how nice it would be to be able to pack your most important belongings and essentials in a suitcase and leave. We live in a world where the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or how big your house is determines who are and even your happiness. I sometimes have the urge to sell everything and travel The Bucket List Family style. Even though Roger and I work so hard to have our home, in the end stuff in just stuff. I had my 2 prized possessions with me… my husband and my son. That’s all I needed.

We were so lucky it wasn’t worse. The hurricane came down to a category 2 by the time it hit us. It took a week for us to get power back and days worth of clean up from debris and a fallen tree on our property. Luckily, no damage to the house. With that being said, my heart is heavy for places like Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico. 

In the middle of all this we also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. And my goodness did it feel like the world was against us! I was a bit upset by it but in the end we got to celebrate a dinner out without baby and it was nice. We went to a restaurant in downtown St. Pete called Annata Wine and loved it. Overall, the each dish had different but cohesive flavors, even different textures. We had a very large charcuterie plate, octopus with lemon accents, and lobster risotto with avocado gelato! Roger and I always get excited about trying new restaurants, especially when we walk out happy. It was the perfect ending to our stressful week.  Here’s to two years of marriage my love!

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