Pregnancy Journaling & Maternity Pants

I knew I wanted to write down my thoughts and keep track of how I was feeling throughout my pregnancy. I found this beautiful journal and have fallen in love with it: Expecting You – A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal. It has prompts every month of your pregnancy as well as a lot of space for free writing. Writing down how I’m feeling, what I’m feeling, and keeping track of baby’s progress has kept be grounded!

Buying maternity pants is like a rite of passage into motherhood. I finally gave in. I gave in and bought maternity pants and it feels amazing! At the start of my pregnancy, I thought I could get away with wearing the belly band and dresses. And the thought of buying maternity pants and wearing them for only a short period of time annoyed me.  But as baby grows and as my belly grows, my regular pants were simply not comfortable!

My second trimester has been smooth and I am embracing pregnancy as much as I can. I am grateful that baby is growing and healthy. No food aversions, no morning sickness, and I am definitely eating for two! I am allowing myself to be present in this pregnancy and enjoying all the changes and challenges.

Pregnancy has taught me:

  • To listen to my body. When I’m tired I rest or nap. Sounds like common sense, but I’m on constant productivity mode that it makes it hard for me to relax.
  • To spend QT with my husband. There’s going to be a big change in the house soon and we are soon going to be a family of three! Quiet nights alone with my husband will soon be no more!
  • Be present & enjoy my pregnancy. Those baby kicks, I just can’t get enough! I love knowing that he is growing in my belly. I love knowing that he’s so close to me. I can’t wait to meet him but I want to soak in the pregnancy experience as much as I can (including the back pain and heartburn!).
  • That being a mother is going to be the ultimate life change. This feels different than past life events like starting my career, getting married, buying a house. I have never wanted anything so bad than to start a family and at the same time I am a nervous wreck on the inside!
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