The Paper Year: Our First Wedding Anniversary

6-67One year of marriage & 12 years together, you would think we have it all down by now. Every experience we had this year has challenged us in some way.  It does not feel like things have changed much, but I do admit we are making the conscious effort to do better for each other as husband and wife.

We had an accelerated start to our first year. We got used to it, so naturally we hoped that our goals for the year would happen right away. We are happy to announce, despite the bickering and stress, that our first year in marriage is culminating in the purchase of our first home! Also, to keep in mind the theme of the Paper Year, our anniversary present for each other are plane tickets to our upcoming trip to Japan! Double-whammy!

Roger and I are forever grateful and excited for the gifts God has given us this year!

Here are some things I learned in our first year of marriage:

  1. Continue to dream together. Continue to make goals and travel plans together, this after all is what brings us joy the most.
  2. Supporting each other is not always easy, keep fighting for each other anyway. There are ups and there are downs. Sometimes the downs are more like a crash and a burn. It can be frustrating to encourage and be positive when your significant other is in a difficult situation. If you are not on the same page, work hard to get back on it.
  3. Be kind to each other always. Say thank you, take turns cooking, cleaning, doing laundry for each other. After a long day, don’t take it out on each other. Take the time to make each other feel like they are the center of your world. It truly is the little things that matter the most.
  4. Live in the moment. No matter how much you prepare or plan for the next big thing, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. There will never be an endpoint, you will always find that you want more. Be happy and present in every moment together.



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